Orano Launches Stable Isotopes Lab

Orano group announced the completion of the construction of the stable isotopes laboratory on the Orano Tricastin site.

Orano lab The company says it is the only laboratory of its kind in France. In addition, "wishing to reinforce its know-how and make optimum use of its cutting-edge technologies, Orano is developing a new activity on the Tricastin site: the production of stable isotopes," Orano said. "in other words of non-radioactive elements, thanks to the technological expertise and know-how of the teams on the site."

The new facility has a footprint of 3,200 square meters, represents an investment of nearly $17.38 million. It will employ around twenty highly-qualified members of personnel. Production operations are expected to commence in the 2nd half of 2023.

Stable isotopes, which are non-radioactive forms of atoms, are used for many applications, and demand for them is continuing to grow. Though they do not emit radiation, due to their properties, they are used in particular in the medical sector (cancer diagnosis and treatment), in the industrial sector (increased laser performance) and in basic research (quantum information science).

"At a time when growing emphasis is being placed on issues of national sovereignty, we are making our contribution with this new industrial investment in France," said Philippe Knoche, Chief Executive Officer of Orano.

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