Unit 2 Reactor Internals Shipped To Rooppur NPP

Atommash, AEM-Technologies, JSC Branch in Volgodonsk (a part of the machine-building division of the Rosatom state corporation, has shipped reactor internals for the  Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant’s No. 2 unit, which is under construction in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the company announced.

Atommash shipmentThe internals included an 11-meter core barrel, a baffle and a protective tube unit, said Atomenergomash. The total weight of the equipment came to 210 tons.

From the manufacturing site in Voldgodonsk, the internals were shipped by truck to the port of St. Petersburg. The rest of the journey will take the equipment on an overseas route for a total distance of 14,000 km, about 8,700 miles.

“Rooppur is the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh, so it is quite natural that every stage of manufacturing equipment for this plant requires active interaction with our Bengali colleagues,” said the Director General of AEM-Technologies, JSC, Igor Kotov.

“Nowadays, we have a system of effective cooperation that allows to promptly consider and resolve all issues related to production. This ensures the accurate performance of jobs … in accordance with the schedule and full comformance of international standards for quality and safety,” he said.

The Rooppur plant has been designed and is being constructed as a Rosatom project. Current plans call for construction of two VVWE-1200 reactors with a operating life-expectancy of 60 years with the potential for a 20-year extension after that, contingent on proper licensing. 

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