Rosatom Signs MOU With Central American Parliament

Russian state-owned nuclear power corporation Rosatom said it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding that concerns cooperation in the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes with the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN).
Rosatom, Central American PactDirector-General of ROSATOM Aleksei Likhachev signed the document for ROSATOM and Chairwoman of PARLACEN Fanny Salinas signed it for this organization.
The Memorandum has become the first document on the peaceful use of atomic energy signed with this regional association. It is expected to assist the development of contacts with the countries of Central America, "which recently have shown interest in the non-energy use of atomic energy. In particular," Rosatom said. 
The pact focuses on the development of nuclear infrastructure, raising awareness programs about nuclear technologies, and applications for use of radioisotopes and radiation technologies applicable to industries such as agriculture and medicine.

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