Tests On Rooppur NPP Coolant Pump Performed

The Petrozavodsk Branch of AEM-Technologies, JSC, a member of Atomenergomash, the machine engineering division of Rosatom State Corporation, has performed, along with Karelian Regional Branch of the Russian Engineering Union, a series of hydraulic tests on the first casing of the reactor coolant pump set (RCPS) intended for the second power unit of Rooppur NPP (People’s Republic of Bangladesh).

Rooppur coolant pumpAt a nuclear power plant, a reactor coolant pump set provides circulation of the coolant within the primary circuit, and it is operated under the pressure of approximately 16 MPa and the temperature of 300 °С. The reactor plant equipment of one power unit includes four RCPS.

Hydraulic testing is one of the most critical types of pump casing inspection performed in the course of manufacture. It allows technicians to ensure the component is strong and tight. During the tests, an RCPS casing is filled with specially prepared purified and preheated water, and the pressure is built up to 24.5 MPa (more than 240 atmospheres). A visual inspection of the casing shall take place after the pressure has been reduced. The committee has confirmed that the first item passed the hydraulic tests.

Rooppur NPP is being designed and constructed under a Russian project. The Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation is responsible for the design and construction of the facility. The plant will comprise two power units with VVER type reactors which service life is 60 years, and there is a possibility to increase the operating lifetime for 20 more years. The capacity of each unit will be 1200 MW. AEM-Technologies, JSC is manufacturing the main equipment of the reactor hall for two power units of the plant.

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