Palo Verde Plant To Host Hydrogen Project

The Palo Verde Generating Station near Phoenix, Arizona, will be the site of a PNW Hydrogen LLC project designed to use the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station for hydrogen production with assistance from the Department of Energy.

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating StationThe grants, announced earlier this month, allotted $20 million towards the project. The grant supports construction of an innovative facility at the three-reactor plant site in Arizona.

The plant, comprised of three pressurized-water reactors, is the largest single-source producer of carbon-free electricity in the country.

Hydrogen, on the other hand, is expensive to produce compared to other energy sources. However, which is produced through an electrolysis of water process or a natural gas reforming process, could prove to be, if cost effective, a viable source of carbon-free energy on a national scale. The most substantial hydrogen applications today are in oil refinery plants, ammonia producers, and a variety of industrial and transportation uses.

The grants are designed specifically to develop the industrial possibilities of using nuclear power for hydrogen production. And there is a goal. According to media reports, the target is to reduce the production costs by 80 percent, which would result in a cost of about $1 per kilogram.

The grants include $12 million from the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, while $8 million comes from the DOE’s Nuclear Energy division.

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