Framatome Takes Over Rolls-Royce Instrumentation Business

Framatome on Monday announced the completion of its purchase of Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear Instrumentation and Control (I&C).

Framatome I&CFramatome says the purchase "builds on its engineering expertise, enlarges its industrial footprint, and expands its global I&C systems development and deployment capabilities."

"This purchase and the expert workforce joining Framatome, will further enhance our I&C offering for reliable, low carbon nuclear energy production,” said Bernard Fontana, CEO of Framatome. “I welcome the talented employees of Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear to Framatome." 

More than 550 employees, mainly located in France (Grenoble), will be affected by the transaction.

Framatome said the acquisition will incorporate Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear’s products and technologies such as Spinline, Rodline and Hardline into Framatome’s I&C portfolio. Framatome I&C’s current products include the TELEPERM XS and Tricon digital platforms, in addition to non-computerized analog platforms and instrumentations for nuclear power plants.

The Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear I&C business includes offices in France, the Czech Republic and China. Rolls-Royce’s products and technologies are installed in 150 operating reactors worldwide.

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