Metsamor Unit 2 Life-Extension Project Completed

Russia's state-owned nuclear power corporation Rosatom said that operational life extension projects at the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant's Unit 2 in Armenia had been completed. The projects, which began in 2015, have extended the life of the plant.
Armenian NPPOn 16 November, Alexey Likhachev, ROSATOM Director General, visited the Armenian NPP to attend a celebration commemorating the success of the project.
Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant, is the only nuclear power plant in the South Caucasus, located 36 kilometers west of Yerevan in Armenia. The plant consists of two VVER-440 Model V270 nuclear reactors, each capable of generating 407.5 megawatts of power, for a total of 815 MW.
The Metsamor plant generates about 40 percent of Armenia's electricity in 2015.
On Wednesday, Likhachev made a tour of the site, turbine hall and control room. After that he took part in the award ceremony also attended by Gnel Sanosyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures Eduard Martirosyan, Director General of HAEK CJSC, Movses Vardanyan, First Deputy Director General – Director of the Armenian NPP, and Artur Grigoryan, the ANPP Chief Engineer representing Haykakan Atomayin Elektrakayan CJSC.
The delegation of the Russian Federation included Evgeny Salkov, Director General of Rusatom Service JSC (the key contractor for the ANPP modernization), Vladimir Bredov, Deputy Director General for Project Management, and Yuri Sviridenko, Head of the Integrated Projects Department.
Unit 2's operational life has been extended till 2026. The main task of the project was to retrofit the plant and improve its safety and efficiency.
"Together, as a team of professionals, including specialists of the Armenian NPP, repair companies, research institutes, Armenian and Russian engineering and design organizations, as well as manufacturers of NPP equipment, we did a tremendous amount of work replacing and modernizing the equipment. Due to the completed set of the project activities, Unit 2 of the Armenian NPP now meets the most recent international requirements, and the NPP will continue supplying electricity to the citizens of Armenia" noted Alexey Likhachev.
According to the results of the research and tests done by specialists of Rosatom the technical parameters of Unit 2 of the ANPP allow operating the unit for another 10 years. In addition, upgrades pushed the Unit's capacity up 15 percent while keeping the original nuclear fuel consumption rate. One of the most important tasks completed at the NPP was the reactor vessel annealing which resulted in 85 percent restoration of the metal properties.

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