Framatome To Upgrade Surry NPP Controls

French reactor business Framatome said this week it had been awarded the contract to upgrade the incore instrumentation systems for units 1 and 2 at Dominion Energy’s Surry Nuclear Power Station as part of its Subsequent License Renewal program.

Framatome techFramatome will replace the existing movable incore detector systems with new, state-of-the-art fixed incore detector systems (FIDS). The FIDS will play a critical role in the plant’s operational improvement as an integral part of the instrumentation and control (I&C) system. Implementation of the new FIDS system will allow Surry to monitor the reactor core in real time, improving operational flexibility. This capability increases the overall guidance to operators and improves the ability to navigate transient conditions and to detect and diagnose core anomalies.

“Framatome and Dominion Energy share a long history of working together across the Dominion fleet, and a common, longstanding goal to continue bringing carbon-free energy to our neighbors in Virginia,” said Clayton Scott, senior vice president Global Sales, Instrumentation and Control Business Unit at Framatome. “The latest fixed incore detector solution that we’re providing will be built in the U.S. and help Surry Nuclear Power Station extend its operating life for another 20 years.”

Framatome will begin production of the new fixed incore detector systems next year with installation scheduled to start in 2024. As part of the modernization project, FoxGuard Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Framatome, will also provide the cybersecurity assessment, design support, and testing to ensure compliance with the prescribed cybersecurity requirements for the associated digital systems.

Backed by more than 60 years of global nuclear industry experience, Framatome is the only original equipment manufacturer of fixed incore detectors and assemblies in the U.S. For the last 40 years the company has engineered, designed, manufactured and assembled fixed incore detectors and assemblies from its operations in Lynchburg, Va., most recently from the new Incore Product Center that opened earlier this year. 

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