Concrete Pour Underway For Kudankulam 6

Russia’s state-owned nuclear giant said December 20 that construction of Kudankulam Unit 6 began with the first foundational concrete pour for the reactor building in Tamil Nadu, India.

Kudankulam Unit 6The first concrete pouring for Unit 5 initiated Stage Three of the six-reactor project in June of this year. Unit 1 at the plant became operational in February 2016, while Unit 2 became operational six months later. At this stage, Units 3 and 4 are still under construction. Unit 3 at this point is being readied for installation of its reactor pressure vessel.

“The third stage of the Kudankulam NPP relating to the main construction period will provide additional power capacity to ensure the industrial and commercial development of business in the Tamil Nadu region and the Republic of India as a whole,” Rosatom said.

The equipment required for the top-priority installation at Units 5 and 6 is being supplied now, Rosatom said.

Each of the units are VVER-1000 reactors.

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