Bolivian Nuclear Research Center Tests Production Line

The highest Center of Nuclear Technology Research and Development in the world by altitude, currently under construction by the Rosatom State Corporation in El Alto, Bolivia, has seen successful testing of its radiopharmaceuticals production line, Rosatom said this week.
Bolivian nuclear research centerThe product testing precedes completion of the construction project. 
"With strict adherence to the schedule, we are approaching the final stage of implementing the Cyclotron Radiopharmacy Preclinical Complex, which will provide Bolivian medical clinics with the most modern radiopharmaceuticals," said Evgeny Pakermanov, President of Rusatom Overseas.
Currently, the start-up work is nearly complete at the first facilities of the CNTRD, the Cyclotron Radiopharmacy Preclinical Complex, CRPC, and the Multipurpose Irradiation Center, MIC. More than 500 Russian nationals are participating in the construction of the center. However,  Pakermanov said the center has successfully tested the production line of fluoroglucose, a radiopharmaceutical used in positron emission tomography, PET, used to identify oncology conditions at the early stage.
"The availability of own radiopharmaceuticals production will no doubt open up new opportunities for the Bolivian healthcare sector and further improve the efficiency of combating a wide range of health conditions that require advanced medical care," said  Pakermanov.
The Center of Nuclear Technology Research and Development in El Alto is an important project for Bolivian healthcare. The radiopharmaceuticals produced at the center will be supplied to the country’s nuclear medicine centers for the diagnosis and treatment of more than 5000 patients per year. Local residents will therefore be able to pass quality medical tests in a timely manner using cutting-edge nuclear medicine without having to travel abroad.
The center is located 4000 meters above sea level, making it the highest of its kind in the world. It is expected to enhance medical, scientific, healthcare, agriculture and educational programs while also creating more than 500 high-skilled jobs for Bolivian citizens.

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