First Fuel Loading Completed At Karachi 3

The K-3 Unit of Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan, the second overseas nuclear power unit adopting HPR1000 technology, finished first fuel loading on the last day of 2021, China National Nuclear Corporation said.

Karachi Unit 3The fuel loading marks K3’s entry into the nuclear commissioning stage. Before full commercial status is reached, the unit will be connected to the grid and a series of operational tests will take place. This is supposed to culminate in commercial status reached in March 2022.

Karachi Unit 2 was the first Hualong One 1100MWe capacity nuclear unit to go operational outside of China. Karachi 2 construction started in 2015, followed by a Karachi 3 construction start a year later. The two-reactor project is overseen by CNNC’s China Zhongyuan Engineering division.

The HPR1000 has an operational life expectancy of 60 years. It uses a double shell containment system and makes power with 177-fuel-assembly technology.

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