Canada Backs Westinghouse Mini-Reactor

Westinghouse Electric Canada said this week that announced today, it had been awarded a $21.65 million award from the Canada's Strategic Innovation Fund that will be used to support development of the company's eVinci micro-reactor. 

Westinghouse CanadaThe announcement was made in conjunction with a statement by Minister François-Philippe Champagne, who emphasized the goal of developing carbon-free, transportable, safe, and scalable energy "anywhere Canada requires reliable, clean energy."

The micro-reactor is touted as an energy source that can be used in remote locations to power such activities as mining, logging and fish harvesting, which is often done in inaccessible and distant places.  

“As our government moves swiftly with our green economic recovery, we are laying the foundation for a better-prepared and more prosperous climate-oriented future,” Champagne said. 

“Westinghouse’s innovative technology will help deliver cleaner energy sources across Canada, especially in remote communities." Champagne said. It will also do so as part of Canada's goal in fighting climate change, he noted. 

"The eVinci micro-reactor will bring clean energy to off-grid sites, remote communities and islands, decentralized generation, industrial sites, mining operations, data centres, universities, marine propulsion, hydrogen generation, and water purification," said Westinghouse. An eVinci can be a primary energy source for such activities and it is transportable.

“The eVinci micro-reactor technology enables many applications which will benefit Canadian industries and communities, especially those in need of carbon-free heat and power,” said David Durham, President, Westinghouse Energy Systems. “We appreciate the Government of Canada’s partnership and are proud to support a Pan-Canadian energy transition program in support of net-zero emissions targets.”

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