Three Slovenia Firms Teams With Westinghouse On AP1000 Potential

Westinghouse Electric Company on Tuesday signed memorandums of understanding with three companies in Slovenia that spells out cooperative efforts to pursue the potential AP1000 nuclear plant projects across Central and Eastern Europe.

Westinghouse signs MOUs in SloveniaThe memorandums will establish cooperation with three companies, including Numip, Elmont and SIPRO inzeniring.

Numip delivers engineering, construction and maintenance services for conventional power and processes across various industries. Elmont provides ongoing support for the maintenance of electrical equipment and SIPRO enzeniring brings project planning and management solutions, technology, and product development support, along with several other key services, Westinghouse said.

"These partnerships will enable us to work hand-in-hand with leading local suppliers to deliver the highest international standards of quality, safety, and reliability in Slovenia and within Europe,” said Elias Gedeon, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, Westinghouse Energy Systems.

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