Framatome Selected For Forsmark NPP Generator Refit

[UPDATED] French nuclear services company Framatome said Tuesday it had been chosen to support the emergency diesel generator refit program at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant in Vattenfall in Sweden.

Forsmark NPPFramatome will provide its Modular Analogous Excitation System (MAEX) for 12 generators supplied by VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH.

Framatome’s excitation system provides the field of current to the rotor winding of a generator. It is a software-free modular system for brushless generators. The design is a qualified solution for EDG systems.

The base module of the MAEX system provides for safety-features for voltage regulation, operation and signalization.

Framatome will supervise and support the installation in the Swedish boiling water reactors. The modernization of the Forsmark EDG systems will start during the spring 2023 outage with completion planned for 2028.

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