Nine Westinghouse MOUs Focus On Dukovany NPP

[UPDATED] Westinghouse Electric Company said Thursday it had signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with nine additional companies in Europe designed to promote cooperation on AP1000 power plant projects in the Czech Republic.

Dukovany NPPThe MOUs came on the heels of seven similar agreements involving Czech companies signed in January and three signed earlier this month in Slovenia.

The Czech MOUs signed this week all pave the way for potential deployment of an AP1000 reactor for the Dukovany 5 project and additional AP1000 projects throughout Central Europe.

The most recent signings include the following companies: Valvea s.r.o, which produces valves, small modules and skids, Hutni montaze a.s., which supplies and installs steel structures and offers crane services, Spalovsky, a.s., a specialist in instrumentation and control components, Armaturyy Group, a.s., which manufactures valves, Tes Vsetin, s.r.o, a producer of auxiliary equipment, Elektrotechnica, a.s., which specializes in instrumentation systems, ZVVZ Group, a.s., which manufactures small modules and skids, PPA Controll a.s., a supplier of automation and field instrumentation components, and Chemcomex, which produces piping systems, steel structures and technological units.

"Partnering with local suppliers reinforces our execution approach to expand and maximize in-country procurement for the benefit of the nuclear project and the local economy,” said Elias Gedeon, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, Westinghouse Energy Systems.

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