Drainage System Milestone Reached At Akkuyu Site

As part of the work on establishing a unified water discharge system at the construction site of Akkuyu NPP Unit 1, construction workers connected the discharge channel and the siphon well at the Russian-Turkish project, the project company Akkuyu Nuclear said Wednesday.

Akkuyu NPP constructionThe facilities. will ensure the removal of sea water and desalinated water to be used for cooling the nuclear power plant's equipment.

Establishing a water discharge system is an important stage in the construction of the high-tech onshore hydraulic structures of Akkuyu NPP. The construction of discharge channels and siphon wells is carried out in parallel for Akkuyu NPP Units 1 and 2. Construction of these facilities involve 700 workers and experts who work in shifts continuously.

Water flows are mixed and temperature of the water coming from condenser and other NPP cooling systems is balanced in the siphon well prior to being discharged into the outlet channel. The builders will pour 17,600 cubic meters of concrete into the reinforced concrete structures of the siphon well. During the construction of the water discharge channel, more than 40,000 cubic meters of concrete will be used.

The channel of about 950 meters long is being constructed along the coastline of the site. It consists of 34 separate sections connected by special expansion joints, which make the channel resistant to such external impacts as air temperature changes, seismic events and soil settlement.

Before the construction of the coastal facilities, the builders performed a large amount of work on the engineering preparation of the area and reinforcing the coastline. After strengthening the soil, the construction of the siphon wells and outlet channels began. At the next stage construction workers will start the installation of tunnels and pipelines.

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