TVO Announces New OL3 Delay

Finish utility Teollisuuden Voima Oyj has said the start of “regular electricity production” at Unit 3 of the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant had been postponed for some time in September this year, a push back from the previously expected transition date of late July.

OL3Inspections and repair needed concerning the cooling system of OL3’s generator will last approximately three weeks, TVO said. The plant unit’s test production program and electricity production will continue after the repair work.

In addition, time has been added to the schedule to make room for upcoming testing and analysis “based on previous experiences from the test production phase.”

The unit reached first criticality in late December of last year, entering a phase of extended operations testing prior to what is considered the start of its commercial status.

The upcoming inspection and possible repair needs of the generator’s cooling system are not related to the information given earlier this week about the boron pumps turning on unexpectedly and related automation modifications. On April 26, TVO said that the boron pumps unexpectedly started up while the unit was driven down in accordance with the test production program. The pumps play a critical role in regulating the plant’s chain reaction.

The supplier consortium consisting of Areva and Siemens AG are jointly liable for contractual obligations until the end of the guarantee period of the plant unit, TVO said.

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