Westinghouse Sweden To Fuel Forsmark and Rhinhals

Westinghouse Electric Sweden announced Thursday that it had reached an agreement with Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel AB to ensure long-term fuel supply to the majority of the nuclear reactors in Sweden which are operated by Vattenfall.

VattenfallStarting in 2024, Westinghouse will deliver fuel to Nuclear Power Plant Forsmark (Boiling Water Reactors) and Nuclear Power Plant Ringhals (Pressurized Water Reactors). The nuclear fuel will be manufactured and delivered by Westinghouse state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Västerås.

“We are very satisfied to continue our cooperation with Westinghouse as one of our main suppliers of nuclear fuel to Forsmark and Ringhals. Our evaluation and decision are based on technical and commercial criteria, as well as Vattenfall’s ambitious focus on sustainability in the supply chain,” says Ove Nilsson, head of Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel.

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