Tractebel Engineering Joins NUWARD Project

Tractebel has just signed a contract with Centre national d'équipement de production d'électricité (CNEPE), Électricité de France (EDF)’s engineering centre located in Tours, France, to contribute to the development of the NUWARD small modular reactor (SMR) project.

Tractebel SMR concept“In partnership with Tractebel company Laborelec, our innovative experts will conduct studies for the completion of the conceptual design of the first SMR in the European Union,” the company said.

The NUWARD consortium, led by EDF, brings together the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), TechnicAtome, Naval Group and Framatome. Its design will consist of a 340 MWe pressurized water SMR plant with two reactors of 170 MWe each. It will be based on first-class French nuclear pressurized water reactor technologies. As a frontrunner in the deployment of SMRs in Europe, and “thanks to its extensive nuclear expertise, Tractebel will contribute to making the NUWARD SMR a reality,” the company said..    

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