Construction of Nuclear Steam Project Begins In China

The first concrete was poured for a nuclear steam supply project at the Tianwan nuclear power plant in Lianyungang city, in East China's Jiangsu province, began on May 27, the China National Nuclear Corporation has announced.

Steam plantThe Tianwan nuclear steam supply project is the first of its kind for industrial purposes in the country, CNNC said.

"This is another exploration by CNNC in the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy after supplying heat through nuclear power," CNNC said. "It will contribute to the establishment of near-zero emission energy systems in China and to the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals."

The steam plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2023. Perhaps ironically, it will supply "green energy to the Lianyungang petrochemical industry base," CNNC said, adding, it would also serve as an energy demonstration plan for the transformation and upgrading of China's petrochemical industry.

The plant is expected to supply 4.8 million tons of industrial steam to the petrochemical industry base annually, which will reduce the burning of standard coal by 400,000 tons per year.  As such, the plant would reduce reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides by 1.07 million tons, 184 tons and 263 tons respectively. 

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