Ansaldo Nuclear Contracted At Sellafield

The first contract awarded as part of the Program and Project Partners new goods and services agreement has been awarded to Ansaldo Nuclear, based in Wolverhampton, the government nuclear development site said. The contract will see key connections installed between existing and new facilities at Sellafield.

Sellafield Site ProjectAnsaldo Nuclear was selected to develop the key ‘tie-in’ connections that will support the flow of effluent treatment streams between the Sellafield site’s existing Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant (SIXEP) facility and the new SIXEP Continuity Plant being delivered by the Program and Project Partners at Sellafield.

Together the 2 facilities will act as the ‘kidneys’ of the Sellafield site filtering out nuclear material before being safely discharged to sea, according to a press statement.

"This framework has been established to enable our projects to make quicker contract awards by removing some elements of a typical procurement exercise," said Peter Hogg, head of supply chain operations with the Program and Project Partners.

The Program and Project Partners appointed its first goods and services agreement framework suppliers earlier this year.

NIS Ltd, Hyde Group, Ansaldo Nuclear, James Fisher Nuclear, Carr’s Group, West Cumberland Engineering and NWEC Alliance were selected to deliver fabricated and manufactured equipment packages for the projects, a framework agreement for an initial 3 years, worth up to £20 million.

It’s been procured under a new multi project procurement model which encourages long-term collaboration throughout the supply chain, enhanced project delivery, and paves the way for greater economic and social impact in the West Cumbria region.

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