Terrestrial Energy Signs MOU With Invest Alberta

Canadian small modular reactor developer Terrestrial Energy (TE) said this week it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Invest Alberta to formally assert their cooperation in promoting the company’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor technology for the provincial government.

Terrestrial Energy“Terrestrial Energy’s IMSR plant has unique potential to supply the heat and power (cogeneration) needs of many industrial activities, including those in the Alberta oil and gas, and petrochemical sectors.” the company said, seeking a cooperative path forward. “The Company looks forward to expanding its Alberta operations in partnership with industry, academic institutions, Indigenous communities, Invest Alberta and the Government of Alberta, which has been an ongoing supporter of SMR technology and development,” TE said.

Invest Alberta is a government entity focused on promoting “high value investment” for approved projects.

Terrestrial Energy has previously invested over $100 million in its Ontario operation, where it employs more than 100 personnel.

Under the terms of the Terrestrial Energy MOU, Invest Alberta will work with Terrestrial Energy on federal and provincial policies, and industrial incentives supporting transformative energy innovation in the province. Alberta is one of four provinces working to advance SMR technologies through an inter-provincial MOU..

Terrestrial Energy’s IMSR plant is designed for industrial cogeneration as well as high-efficiency, grid-based power generation. The IMSR plant uses Generation IV molten salt reactor technology in an innovative plant design for cost-competitive, high-temperature thermal energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions. “It is ideally suited for natural resource extraction, low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production, as well as many other energy-intensive industrial activities,” TE said.

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