Westinghouse Links With Ansaldo Nucleare For LFR Development

Long-term partners Westinghouse Electric Company and Ansaldo Nucleare have signed a new cooperation agreement designed to foster development of the next generation nuclear power plant based on lead-cooled fast reactor (LFR) technology, the companies announced this week.

Westinghouse model LRF facilityUnder the new agreement, the companies will work to advance a common design that will maximize synergies in the areas of design, licensing, testing and future supply chain considerations.

Ansaldo has been hip-deep in LFR development on behalf of Euroatom, coordinating the international organization’s European lead-cooled reactor program ELSY (SY for Systems), which got underway in 2006. The Euratom project’s goal was to develop a LFR system for industrial electricity generation, according to Nuclear Engineering International.

Ansaldo was also the lead organization for the lead-cooled European Advanced Demonstration Reactor (LEADER) program, tasked with developing a full-scale LFR design along with a working prototype LFR facility.

“The LFR technology combines the use of liquid lead as a coolant, high-temperature operation, and fast neutron spectrum with engineering solutions promoting design simplicity and robustness. The objective is step change performance improvement relative to traditional nuclear technology, including enhanced economics, market versatility beyond electricity and improved sustainability,” Westinghouse said.

“Ansaldo has strongly believed and invested in LFR technology since the beginning of the century, and we are eager to start another journey of collaboration with Westinghouse toward its deployment,” said Dr. Roberto Adinolfi, Ansaldo Nucleare’s Chairman.

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