NRC Confirms NuScale Emergency Zone Process

Modular nuclear plant developer NuScale said this week that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards had issued a letter supporting an NRC staff decision on the company’s methodology for Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) size determination. The committee said the NuScale methodology was acceptable.

NuScale reactor design“This methodology will determine an EPZ that provides the same level of protection to the public as the 10-mile radius EPZs used for existing nuclear power plants and is approved only for the NuScale SMR design,” the company said, adding the approval “further demonstrates [ed] NuScales unparalleled safety.”

The EPZ is a designated area surrounding a nuclear power plant, where special considerations involving safety planning and emergency responses are applied. “Using this method, an EPZ that is limited to the site boundary of the power plant is achievable for a wide range of potential plant sites where a NuScale VOYGR SMR power plant could be located,” the company said.

The significance of a NuScale plant with an EPZ limited to the site boundary is the NuScale plant can better accommodate siting of process heat off-takers, businesses, and housing in close proximity, and significantly reduces ownership costs to facilitate a plant’s emergency plan.

The NuScale SMR is designed as a 77MWe power pressurized water module that can be scaled to match each customer’s needs. A 12-reactor plant (the VOYGR-12) is capable of generating 924MWe. Other options nclude a four-module plant (VOYGR-4) and a six-module plant (VOYGR-6).

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