NuScale Signs Contract With Romania's RoPower Nuclear

NuScale Power, LLC (NuScale) and Portland, Oregon-based small modular reactor developer NuScale said this week it had signed a contract for front-end engineering and design (FEED) work with Romania’s RoPower Nuclear.

NuScaleRoPower Nuclear is owned in equal shares by S.N. Nuclearelectrica S.A. and Nova Power & Gas S.A.

The contract was signed in late December and represents “a significant step towards the deployment of NuScale’s  VOYGR small modular power plant in Romania,” NuScale said.

Part one of the contract will focus on defining a “major site and specific inputs” for a six-module NuScale facility to be deployed at the Doicesti Power Station. Phase 1 is expected to take eight months and include subcontracts to perform the environmental impact assessment and a subsurface geotechnical investigation of the site. A cost-estimate study will also be conducted.

“The signing of the contract for FEED work follows nearly four years of collaboration, research, and studies to ensure we select the safest and most performing technology, as well as the appropriate site,” said Nuclearelectrica chief executive officer Cosmin Ghita.

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