Fermi Energia Targets GEH Small Reactor For Development

Estonian nuclear energy company Fermi Energia has selected GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy as its potential small modular reactor supplier after accepting tenders from three firms, including U.S. based NuScale and Rolls-Royce from the United Kingdom.

BWRX-300Fermi Energia is privately-held company that was formed specifically to develop the possibility of introducing a new generation of small modular reactors for Estonia.

Three companies reached the final round of Fermi Energia’s selection process according to U.S.-Japan based GE-Hitachi.

GEH and Fermi Energia have worked together since 2019 when an agreement was reached to collaborate on potential deployment applications for the BWRX-300 SMR model under development at GEH. The collaboration advanced in 2021 when the two parties entered into a teaming agreement to work together on licensing support and supply chain issues involving a BWRX-300 deployment in Estonia.

In January 2023, it was announced that GEH, Ontario Power Generation, SNC-Lavalin and Aecon had signed a contract that gave each company a substantial role in developing a BWRX-300 project to be cited at the Darlington New Nuclear Project site in Canada. The Tennessee Valley Authority has also begun studies and steps aimed at licensing for a potential BWRX-300 project at the Clinch River Site near Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

In addition, SaskPower announced it had selected the BRWX-300 model for potential deployment in Saskatchewan, Canada, with an operational target date in the mid 2030s. ORLEN Synthos Green Energy in Poland has also begun a pre-licensing process with the submission of an application to the National Atomic Energy Agency for approval of the BWRX-300 model. To support the global deployment of the BWRX-300, GEH also has preliminary agreements in place with other concerns in Canada, Poland, Britain, Sweden, Czech Republic and others, GEH said.

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