NRC Grants Shine Environmental Permit

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said its staff have completed the final supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on SHINE Medical Technology, LLC’s, application for a license to operate a medical isotope production facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Model Shiine Isotope FacilityThe NRC staff has weighed the facility’s environmental, economic, technical and other benefits against environmental and other impacts, and recommends that, unless safety issues mandate otherwise, the license should be issued for the medical isotope production facility.

The NRC said it would consider both the EIS and the Final Safety Evaluation Report for the SHINE application in deciding whether to issue the license. SHINE filed the application on July 17, 2019, seeking the license to operate the facility, currently under construction in Janesville.

The facility would create molybdenum-99, which subsequently produces technetium-99m, an isotope used in over 30 different diagnostic medical imaging procedures.

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