Dome Concreting Done At Rooppur Ahead Of Schedule

Outside containment concreting has been completed 45 days ahead of schedule at the Rooppur NPP construction site in the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the general designer and general contractor Rosatom announced this week.
Rooppur NPP projectThe total process took 110 days instead of the allotted 155, Rosatom said.
According to the RPS project “Optimization of 10UJA outer containment structures erection”, completion of concreting was scheduled for April 15. Reduction of the period was possible due to enhanced performance and implementation of several suggestions for the process improvement, such as use of double formwork panels, manufacturing of double-concave formwork panels prior to installation, etc.
In total, 65 specialists took part in the pouring, 44 of which were local personnel. 1383 cubic meters of concrete was required for the dome part pouring.
Owing to the optimization of outside containment concreting period, the Engineering Division’s specialists also managed to install the inner and outer parts of steel structures of the passive heat removal system (PHRS) deflector in the design position ahead of schedule. The complexity of this operation, implemented in two stages, is that during installation of heavy steel structures weighing 140 and 110 tons each, maximum permissible deviations are within 10 mm only.
“This operation allowed installing the deflector ahead of schedule and opening a possibility for installation of heat exchangers, heat exchanging module casings and PHRS air ducts”, commented Alexey Deriy, ASE JSC Vice President - Director for Rooppur NPP construction project.

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