Westinghouse Selected for Surry's Replacement Steam Generators

Westinghouse Electric Company made an announcement today regarding the signing of a contract with Dominion Energy. The contract entails the design, manufacturing, and delivery of Replacement Steam Generators for the Surry Nuclear Power Station located in Virginia. Under this partnership, Westinghouse and Dominion will collaborate on engineering and producing six steam generators, which will be delivered starting in 2028. The installation process is scheduled to commence in 2029. This contract is an integral part of Dominion's Subsequent License Renewal (SLR) program, aimed at extending the Long Term Operation (LTO) of Surry Units 1 and 2. The objective is to ensure a continued supply of carbon-free energy to approximately 419,000 households until 2053.

Surry Nuclear PlantThis latest agreement builds upon a previous contract signed in 2021 between Westinghouse and Dominion for a significant Instrumentation and Control (I&C) upgrade. Together, Dominion's Surry and North Anna nuclear plants contribute approximately one-third of the electricity consumed by the company's 2.7 million customers in Virginia and North Carolina.

Dan Stoddard, the Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer at Dominion, expressed the significance of the long-standing partnership with Westinghouse, as it aligns with their vision of extending the production of nuclear energy at Surry for many years to come. Stoddard emphasized the consistent operation of the Surry nuclear station, operating at over 93% capacity throughout the year and providing customers with continuous access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

Dan Sumner, Westinghouse's President of Operating Plant Services, stated that the cutting-edge steam generators would assist Dominion in delivering safe and efficient nuclear energy well into the mid-21st century. Sumner expressed pride in Westinghouse's ongoing support of Dominion's modernization initiatives.

The fabrication of the steam generators will take place at Westinghouse Italy (WEI), a state-of-the-art facility located in Monfalcone, Italy. These generators are based on Westinghouse's original F-Series units but incorporate several enhancements to maintain industry-leading performance while in service.

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