Revolutionizing Industrial Steam Supply: The NuScale Power Small Module Reactor Solution

Recent research conducted by NuScale Power has highlighted the advanced capabilities of their small modular reactors (SMRs) in reducing emissions in industrial sectors, a crucial aspect in achieving global climate goals. Dr. José Reyes, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, led the benchmarked research, revealing that NuScale SMRs possess the potential to be employed in various high-temperature industrial processes that were not previously considered with light water reactor (LWR) technology. These processes include heavy to light oil conversion, bulk plastic waste recycling, dissolving heavy oil to produce gasoline additives, and synthesizing light plastics. The application of NuScale's technology in these processes allows oil refiners and chemical companies to decarbonize their operations and products, utilizing carbon-free nuclear energy.

VOYGRNuScale's study demonstrates that a single NuScale Power Module™ can generate compressed and heated steam at commercial scale, temperatures, and pressures. Unlike LWRs, which require conditioning of steam before injection into high temperature/high pressure processes, NuScale SMRs can generate over 500,000 pounds per hour of steam at 1,500 pounds per square inch absolute (psia) and 500 degrees Celsius (932 degrees Fahrenheit). With the potential for further production at over 2,400 psia and 650 degrees Celsius (1200 degrees Fahrenheit), a 12-module VOYGR™-12 plant can produce 3 gigawatts of thermal power, providing both electrical power and ample superheated steam. This allows for the safe placement of such plants near major industrial processes.

Dr. Reyes expressed his optimism regarding the proposed compression heating systems and their alignment with NuScale's VOYGR plants, stating that they could expand the role of LWRs in global decarbonization efforts. He emphasized that these new findings further solidify the advantages of NuScale's advanced SMR technology.

NuScale intends to further explore the flexibility, reliability, and economic viability of multi-module steam generation, bolstered by cost-effective and highly efficient steam compression and heating. Collaborations with steam, electric power, and hydrogen end-users are already underway to assess and optimize Integrated Energy Systems, supporting the clean energy objectives of various industries at a commercial scale.

These significant findings are complemented by NuScale's safety features, which enable VOYGR plants to operate off-grid and achieve site boundary Emergency Planning Zones in most U.S. plant locations. By locating VOYGR plants closer to end-users, heat losses due to steam transport are minimized, resulting in a more efficient industrial energy system.

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