NuScale and Accelerant Solutions Join Forces to Transform Control Room Staffing

At a signing ceremony on June 7, 2023, NuScale Power Corporation and Accelerant Solutions announced an agreement to develop and implement a comprehensive NuScale Licensed Operator Training Program.

Collaboration for Enhanced Training Programs

Since 2020, NuScale and Accelerant Solutions have been working closely together to create effective lesson plans that will train plant operators in operating systems, the use of operating procedures, and the utilization of the NuScale control room simulator. This partnership involves the utilization of Accelerant Solutions' state-of-the-art PLANT™ software, developed in collaboration with their strategic technology partner, Tecnatom USA. The PLANT™ software incorporates interactive visual aids and acts as a centralized repository for all drawings and documents, facilitating seamless knowledge transfer between training modules.

Accelerating Nuclear Energy Training for the VOYGR™ Power Plant

The collaboration between NuScale and Accelerant Solutions builds upon NuScale's innovations in control room staffing and aims to expedite nuclear energy training for the groundbreaking VOYGR™ power plant design. The VOYGR power plant configurations, including the advanced VOYGR-12 924 MWe power plant, can be safely and reliably operated with a minimum of three licensed operators from a single control room. This feature has received approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff, highlighting its efficacy and adherence to stringent safety standards.

John Hopkins, the President and Chief Executive Officer of NuScale, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are excited to sign this agreement today with Accelerant because this partnership sets the stage for the successful training for future VOYGR plant operators."

Forging a Strong Alliance for Training Excellence

This partnership signifies a significant milestone in the training program development and establishes a formidable alliance between NuScale and Accelerant Solutions. Together, they aim to bring forth best practices, a robust training program, and a revolutionary plant design to all future NuScale customers.

Accelerant SolutionsBilly Mack, President of Accelerant Solutions, expressed his delight at being selected as NuScale's SMR (Small Modular Reactor) training partner and emphasized their commitment to delivering the highest-quality training programs to NuScale's esteemed clients. He said, "This partnership will accelerate power for all humankind."

Shaping the Future Workforce through Energy Exploration Centers

In addition to the operator-training program, NuScale is actively preparing the nuclear workforce of tomorrow by establishing Energy Exploration (E2) Centers. These centers serve as hubs for learning and development, providing hands-on experience and training opportunities. As part of this initiative, NuScale recently launched its first international E2 Center at the University Politehnica of Bucharest in Romania, further expanding its global reach.

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