From Reactor to Cure: Westinghouse's Solution for Ac-225 Radioisotope Production

WestinghouseWestinghouse has devised and successfully demonstrated an innovative methodology to generate Actinium-225 (Ac-225) radioisotopes within commercial nuclear reactors. This groundbreaking achievement will facilitate the widespread production of Ac-225 for the very first time on a global scale, catering to the requirements of advanced cancer therapies.

Ac-225-based medicinal treatments are employed in critical scenarios where conventional therapies have proven ineffective. The current technique for manufacturing Ac-225 is intricate, and the advancement of Ac-225 cancer treatments is impeded by the limited supply of this radioisotope. Westinghouse devised a specialized irradiation target to produce Actinium, which was subsequently irradiated within the Breazeale Reactor located at Penn State University.

"The revolutionary approach we have implemented possesses the potential to significantly augment the global capacity for radioisotope production, utilizing Westinghouse's cutting-edge reactor technology worldwide," remarks Tarik Choho, President of Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel. "We now have an outstanding opportunity to apply our profound nuclear expertise and technological prowess to enhance accessibility to life-saving cancer treatments, contribute to the realms of food and medical hygiene, and cultivate the radioisotopes essential for supporting space exploration as a by-product of clean energy generation."

In addition to the agreements Westinghouse has established with various suppliers for radioisotope production, including Cobalt-60 and Lutetium-177 in commercial reactors, the company is actively forging partnerships with nuclear utility providers to facilitate radioisotope production within their operational nuclear plants. Furthermore, Westinghouse is engaged in ongoing discussions with radiopharmaceutical firms and other users of radioisotopes to facilitate large-scale production of a broader spectrum of radioisotopes.

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