NB Power and ARC Clean Technology Canada Collaborate on Advanced Small Modular Reactor Project

NB Power, in collaboration with ARC Clean Technology Canada, Inc. (ARC), is excited to announce significant progress in the development of their advanced Small Modular Reactor (SMR) project. The company has successfully submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment registration document to the Department of Environment and Local Government (DELG), along with a Licence to Prepare Site Application to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). These submissions signify a crucial milestone in their ambitious plans to construct and operate an advanced small modular reactor at the existing Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station (PLNGS).

ARC SubmissionIn line with NB Power's recently launched strategic plan, "Energizing our Future," the company aims to phase out coal by 2030 and achieve net-zero supply by 2035, all while prioritizing energy security. To fulfill these objectives, NB Power recognizes the need for cost-effective, clean, and secure energy solutions. Embracing small modular reactors is a significant step towards achieving their target of being net-zero by 2030 while adequately serving the energy needs of the people of New Brunswick.

Lori Clark, President and CEO of NB Power, stated, "To transition to a cost-effective, clean, and secure energy supply, we are exploring new ways of delivering energy to customers. Small modular reactors are part of the solution to reach our target of being net-zero by 2030 and ensure that we are meeting the needs of New Brunswickers today and into the future."

NB Power is actively seeking strategic partnerships to support the construction and operation of the advanced small modular reactor. These collaborations will be built on principles of accountability, transparency, and long-term sustainability, with a focus on realizing the full potential benefits of the project.

ARC has been dedicated to the development of the ARC-100 since 2018. This modular, advanced sodium-cooled fast reactor is designed to generate a minimum of 100 megawatts of electricity. With NB Power's technical support, the ARC-100 is poised to become Canada's first on-grid advanced SMR facility. The project aligns with Stream 2 of the Strategic Plan for the Deployment of Small Modular Reactors, which was jointly prepared by the governments of New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan in 2022.

Bill Labbe, President and CEO of ARC Clean Technology Canada, Inc., expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "The milestone achieved today demonstrates that ARC and NB Power continue to be industry leaders in the development and deployment of advanced nuclear technology in Canada. We have an unprecedented opportunity to grow the low-carbon economy of the future, and ARC looks forward to the open and transparent public licensing processes that are now beginning."

The collaboration between NB Power and ARC Clean Technology Canada brings together expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to building a sustainable and clean energy future for Canada. As the project progresses, both companies are confident in their ability to lead the way in advancing nuclear technology and contributing to a low-carbon economy.

The documents will become publicly available in the coming days. To learn more, visit Advanced Small Modular Reactors (nbpower.com)

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