IP3 and Green Energy Partners' Vision for Surry Energy Center

In a partnership announcement, IP3 Corporation and Green Energy Partners, LLC (GEP) have declared their collective intentions to lead Virginia into a greener future. The two companies are coming together to inaugurate the Surry Green Energy Center, LLC. Their mission? To address Virginia's industrial and baseload energy needs innovatively.

Surry Green Energy CenterCentral to their collaboration is a sophisticated land acquisition strategy that focuses on establishing green data centers. These plans also encompass potential future ventures into carbon-free hydrogen and nuclear energy production facilities.

To understand the magnitude of this initiative, one must consider that Virginia's data centers are responsible for processing a staggering 70% of global internet data. The appetite for data storage and management in the state is booming, and these data centers consume roughly a quarter of Virginia's energy, primarily derived from carbon-based fuels. Enter the Surry Green Energy Center — a revolutionary data center hub powered by pure green energy and enhanced with on-site small-modular reactors (SMRs). The blueprint entails a deployment of 4-6 SMRs that will not only power 20-30 data centers but also generate hydrogen fuel and offer backup power to Virginia’s grid.

Governor Glenn Youngkin highlighted the state's relentless commitment to advancing energy-reliant sectors in the Virginia Energy Plan, noting the essentiality of consistent and cost-effective power.

The collaborative venture between IP3 and GEP is strategically situated in Surry County, Virginia, ensuring optimum services for digital infrastructure and future power supplies to government bodies and military bases from Washington, DC to Norfolk, VA. The projections estimate the creation of over 3,000 jobs in the Surry vicinity, promising a substantial surge in the local economy through annual revenue and salary distributions.

Delineating the partnership further, IP3 will spearhead project development, financing frameworks, and funding solutions. This holistic agreement encompasses all stages from inception to operation, aiming to magnetize private capital and avant-garde energy corporations to Virginia.

Michael Hewitt, Co-Founder and CEO of IP3, lauded Virginia's proactive approach to its energy trajectory. Simultaneously, Mark Andrews, CEO of Green Energy Partners, emphasized the amalgamated strength of GEP and IP3 in leading an America-first strategy for low-carbon energy security.

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