Oklo Selected to Supply Micro-reactor to Eielson Air Force Base

In a significant move towards bolstering energy resilience and sustainability for national security infrastructure, the Defense Logistics Agency Energy has issued a Notice of Intent to Award a contract to Oklo Inc. The advanced energy company has been tapped to power and heat the Eielson Air Force Base through the Air Force's micro-reactor pilot program.

Oklo PowerhouseThe announcement sets off the procurement process, potentially culminating in a formal contract award to Oklo. Pending approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Oklo will construct and operate a power plant at the base, delivering both electricity and steam under a long-term power purchase agreement administered by the Defense Logistics Agency Energy.

"We are honored to be at the forefront of increasing resilience and reducing emissions, while driving national security forward," commented Jacob DeWitte, Co-Founder and CEO of Oklo.

Originating from the mandates of the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, the Air Force’s micro-reactor initiative aims to identify military installations where micro-reactors could be sited, constructed, and operated.

Oklo’s technology uses a fast reactor design, a concept backed by a track record of successful operation. Notably, the technology can function autonomously from the main electrical grid, making it a particularly suitable option for military installations that are crucial to national security. This project is seen as a significant step towards modernizing the energy infrastructure that powers the nation’s defense apparatus.

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