• Sun, Oct 4 2020

    Atomic Show #282 – Chris Keefer, Decouple Podcast

    Chris Keefer – Decouple Podcast Chris Keefer is the creator and host of the Decouple Podcast . He is an emergency room doctor whose activist bent and desire to make the world a better place has led him to become a nuclear energy proponent. Chris is the founder and a director of an organization called Doctors for Nuclear Energy . One of his biggest current efforts is serving as ...read more
    • Tue, Sep 15 2020

    Atomic Show #281 – Paris Ortiz Wines – Global Coordinator for Stand Up For Nuclear

    Paris Ortiz-Wines Global Coordinator, Stand Up for Nuclear Paris Ortiz-Wines wants you to Stand Up for Nuclear Energy . She is the global coordinator for the annual, month-long event that includes actions in several dozen locations around the world. On this episode of the Atomic Show, Paris explains how she came to be a pro-nuclear activist, why she believes nuclear energy is an important ...read more
    • Sun, Aug 16 2020

    Atomic Show listener feedback request:

    I’ve been experimenting with a service that uses speech to text technology to convert audio files into text documents. As a podcast listener, I’ve found transcripts to be valuable. It seems logical to assume they might be valued by Atomic Show listeners. The speech to text service isn’t perfect, so there is a certain amount of overhead associated with producing the transcripts ...read more
    • Fri, Aug 14 2020

    Economy of Scale?: Is Bigger Better?

    It is possible for engineers to make incredibly complex calculations without a single math error that still come up with a wrong answer if they use a model based on incorrect assumptions. Pick up almost any book about nuclear energy and you will find that the prevailing wisdom is that nuclear plants must be very large in order to be competitive. This notion is widely accepted, but, if its roots ...read more
    • Sun, Jul 19 2020

    Shell executives should give themselves permission to discuss clean nuclear energy

    Climate Action’s July 16 webinar announcement caught my attention and generated some surprised commentary among people who discuss energy and climate on Twitter. The headline for the event wasn’t all that special. “ Rising to the Net-Zero Challenge .” Neither was the subtitle. “As we emerge from lockdown following the global health crisis, can leaders from across all sectors ...read more
    • Thu, Jul 16 2020

    Atomic Show #280 – Zion Lights – Director, Environmental Progress UK

    Zion Lights Zion Lights is a formally trained science communicator, author of a carefully researched book titled The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, and an experienced environmental activist who worked for a year as a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. About a month ago, she began openly advocating for an expansion of nuclear energy as a major tool in the battle to reduce greenhouse ...read more
    • Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Atomic Show #279 – Michael Shellenberger talks about Apocalypse Never

    Michael Shellenberger’s new book, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All has provoked numerous reactions and conversations. It is a carefully researched, 400 page work where 25% of the book is endnotes that document sources for the statements in the book. Michael is a stranger to the “go along to get along” mode of thinking, writing and speaking. By clearly ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 21 2020

    Transcript: Atomic Show #278 – Micro-Modular Reactor (MMR) project partners USNC, GFP and OPG

    Atomic Show #278 transcript, lightly edited for clarity. Intro music (00:15): [inaudible] Rod Adams (00:21): This is Rod Adams and it’s time for Atomic Show show number 278. Yes, these Atomic Shows are coming almost regularly these days. I guess it helps to have not only myself, but all of my guests, working from home. Today I have a show planned to give you more information about ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 21 2020

    Atomic Show #278 – Micro-Modular Reactor (MMR) project partners USNC, GFP and OPG

    Global First Power (GFP), Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) recently announced that they had formed a joint venture called Global First Power Limited Partnership. That venture will build, own and operate an installation called the Micro Modular Reactor (MMR™) at the Chalk River Laboratories site. MMR™ nuclear plant Mark Mitchell and Eric MGoey joined ...read more
    • Fri, Jun 5 2020

    One vignette in radiation fear campaign

    Abject fear of radiation, even at low doses, is a root cause of the cost and schedule difficulties associated with atomic energy development and deployment. At Atomic Insights, we believe that most of the fear of low dose radiation is not only unwarranted, but it is also purposely created, taught and carefully reinforced by people. Every person that participates in the campaign has their ...read more
    • Sat, May 30 2020

    Atomic Show #277 – Simon Wakter, pro-nuclear engineer in an ambivalent country

    Simon Wakter is a strongly pro-nuclear engineer in a country that passed a referendum officially phasing out nuclear energy since several years before he was born. He has to round up to be called a thirty-something. Simon works in the nuclear energy branch of AFRY , a well-established 17,000 employee, all-of-the-above. engineering company that recently adopted a new brand name. During this ...read more
    • Mon, May 25 2020

    Review: Juice: How Electricity Explains the World

    It’s clear that Robert Bryce and Tyson Culver like living on a planet populated by humans. They have produced a movie that celebrates electricity as the key enabler of the modern world that we have created. Their film challenges us to keep on building and improving our technology until everyone has abundant, reliable access to life-giving, life-enriching electrical power. Juice: How ...read more
    • Thu, May 21 2020

    How did leaders of the Hydrocarbon Establishment build the foundation for radiation fears?

    On December 8, 1953 President Eisenhower announced to the UN that the US knew how to harness atomic energy to produce useful power. He stated that the US was willing to widely share that knowledge. He described an especially intriguing possibility of using atomic energy to bring power to the “power-starved areas of the world.” The more important responsibility of this atomic energy ...read more
    • Tue, May 19 2020

    Atomic Show #276 – HolosGen Claudio Filippone and Chip Martin

    HolosGen has attacked the nuclear power plant cost and schedule challenge from the opposite direction chosen by many nuclear reactor developers. Claiming to be agnostic about the reactor specifics – as long as it produces reliable heat in a small-enough configuration – HolosGen founder Claudio Filippone decided to focus on radical improvements to the “balance of plant.” Filippone worked ...read more
    • Tue, May 12 2020

    Atomic Show #275 – Managing advanced nuclear development during pandemic

    Managing any business is hard work, especially during a global pandemic with stay-at-home orders in place. It requires creativity and flexibility along with some amount of prior preparation. On May 11, 2020, I gathered a group of representatives from several start-up companies that are developing advanced nuclear technologies to talk about how they are making progress under challenging conditions ...read more
    • Thu, Apr 30 2020

    Atomic Show #274 – Thomas Jam Pedersen, Copenhagen Atomics

    Copenhagen isn’t the first city name that comes to mind as the place to start a nuclear company. Denmark has decommissioned its last research reactor and has never had a nuclear power plant. That hasn’t deterred Thomas Jam Pedersen and his colleagues at Copenhagen Atomics . Starting a decade or more ago, they began learning about the untapped potential for using thorium in thermal ...read more
    • Fri, Apr 24 2020

    Nuclear energy makes a cameo appearance in Jeff Gibbs’s Planet of the Humans

    Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs teamed up to produce a piercing, controversial, gut punching documentary titled Planet of the Humans . Partly as a result of the global closure of theaters, and partly as a result of wanting to make an impact on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, they released their film for free on Youtube . It’s worth watching. I watched it once straight through and have enjoyed ...read more
    • Thu, Apr 23 2020

    Atomic Show #273 – Liz Muller, Deep Isolation

    Liz Muller, co-founder and CEO, Deep Isolation Liz Muller is a co-founder and the CEO of Deep Isolation , a company that makes the modest claim of having invented a solution to nuclear waste. The politically unsolved waste issue has plagued nuclear energy development since the mid 1970s. That was when it became abundantly clear that the original plan to recycle used fuel wasn’t going ...read more
    • Sat, Apr 18 2020

    Atomic Show #272 – Karnfull Energi

    One of several stickers available at Karnfull’s online store Karnfull Energi is a young company that is successfully proving that nuclear energy is more popular than politicians believe. They have created the world’s first 100% nuclear energy offering. Customers have responded with their wallets, showing they are willing to pay a modest premium for higher quality electricity. ...read more
    • Wed, Apr 15 2020

    Atomic Show #271 – Improving Nuclear Cost and Schedule Performance

    Great Blue Heron Patiently watching. Perhaps waiting for promised performance improvements. One of the most persistent arguments against the rapid deployment of nuclear energy is that projects are too expensive and take too long to complete. Based on the performance of the few nuclear plants that have begun construction in the West during this century, it’s hard to disagree. But ...read more
    • Wed, Apr 1 2020

    X-300 Blazing a Different Kind of Trail in Smaller Nuclear Reactor Development

    BWRX-300 courtesy of GEH GEH spent about half a billion dollars designing, testing and certifying the ESBWR. Despite that investment, the 1,520 MWe Enhanced, Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) design documents are just gathering dust with no active projects in sight. GEH is a joint venture between US-based GE, a $95 billion annual revenue conglomerate and Hitachi, a Japanese technology ...read more
    • Fri, Mar 27 2020

    Atomic Show #270 – Fastest Path to Zero

    Fastest Path to Zero is an important initiative in the effort to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Here is their concise self-description from the About page of their website. We are an interdisciplinary team of experts, including University of Michigan staff and students, working to support communities as they plan and pursue ambitious climate goals. We offer a variety of tools to ...read more
    • Tue, Mar 24 2020

    Atomic Show #269 – Robert Bryce, A Question of Power

    In the modern world, countries need a reliable electricity grid to prosper. Globally, demand for electricity is growing as a result of population growth, new ways to use electricity, and the effort to spread access to electrical power to a greater portion of the world’s population. For the past four years, Robert Bryce has been intensively studying the electricity business, which he describes ...read more
    • Sun, Mar 22 2020

    Atomic Show #268 – Jigar and Jake

    Oklo Power recently announced that it had filed the first non-light water reactor combined license application ever submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Their 1.5 MWe fast spectrum, passively safe reactor represents a complete paradigm shift for nuclear energy. It’s not a big, slow to build, hugely expensive project requiring complex financing structures. It’s a generator ...read more
    • Wed, Mar 18 2020

    Oklo has filed first combined license application (COLA) with the NRC since 2009

    Aurora artist rendering (Image credit: Oklo) Oklo, Inc. announced yesterday that its combined license application (COLA) to build and operate an Aurora at INL was undergoing acceptance review at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Key project specifics Oklo’s Aurora is a 1.5 MWe liquid metal fast reactor with heat pipes to move fission heat out of the reactor core and into the secondary ...read mor...