• Tue, Aug 3 2021

    New Book on Fusion – Startups are Closing in on Star Power

    Build a Star, Save a Planet; New Book on Fusion – The Star Builders by Arthur Turrell Interview Q&A with the Author: What will it take for these startups to achieve commercial success? The most important energy-making process in the … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sat, Jul 31 2021

    UK Picks HTGR Technology for Pilot SMR Program. Who’s Design will It Use?

    UK Picks HTGR for Pilot SMR Program Japan’s HTTR Restarts And Could Be Used To Demonstrate Green Hydrogen Production Russia Plans More Floating Nuclear Power Plants US / NRC Recommends License Approval For ISP Spent Fuel Storage Facility In Texas … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Mon, Jul 26 2021

    UK Gov’t Said Ready to Cut China Out of its Nuclear Plans

    UK Gov’t Reported to Planning Break with China Over Nuclear Energy Investments China ‘Unveils Design’ For Next-Generation Commercial Molten Salt Reactor Nuclear Phase-out Plan a Key Issue in S. Korea Election NuScale Gets Two Investments from South Korean Firms UK … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Thu, Jul 22 2021

    ESG Reporting as a Means to Leverage Interest by Investors in Next Generation LWR and Advanced Nuclear Reactors

    An opportunity exists for the global nuclear energy industry to attract investment capital and/or to lower the cost of capital, by focusing on investors who are committed to (environmental, social, governance) ESG investing.  Background The key organization for engagement in … Continue reading ...read more
    • Sun, Jul 18 2021

    China Breaks Ground for 1st Small Modular Reactor

    China Breaks Ground for its 1st Small Modular Reactor NuScale Downsizes Idaho Plant from 12 to 6 Units Kairos $100 Million Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor Project to be Tested in East Tennessee UK / Government ‘Close To Finalizing Legislation’ For … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sun, Jul 11 2021

    Eskom Seeks Sites for 2500 MWe Nuclear to Be Built in 2030s

    New Nuclear Power Sites Planned for South Africa Cameco, GE Hitachi and Global Nuclear Fuel to Collaborate on BWRX-300 SMR DOE and GE Hitachi Team Up to Lower Costs of Building New Nuclear Reactors Rolls-Royce, Cavendish Nuclear Sign SMR partnership … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Mon, Jul 5 2021

    NRC License Sought for USNC HTGR at University of Illinois

    Ultra Safe Nuclear to Build FOAK HTGR at U. Illinois Ultra Safe Makes Progress in Canada NuScale Power Secures Investment from South Korea’s GS Energy DOE Invests $61 Million in Advanced Nuclear Energy R&D Projects Ultra Safe Nuclear to Build … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Mon, Jul 5 2021

    Poland Seeks SMRs for Process Heat Applications

    Poland’s PKN Orlen Partners with Synthos to Build SMRs for Process Heat ant Electricity Generation Poland / Westinghouse And Bechtel To Begin Study For First Nuclear Project Under US Grant Funding Brazil Hires Tractebel Consortium for Angra 3 Poland’s PKN … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 27 2021

    MIT Public/Private Partnership Expands Effort to Develop a 10MWe ‘Plug-and-Play’ Nuclear Battery

    MIT Public/Private Partnership Expands  Effort to Develop a 10 MWe ‘Plug-and-Play’ Nuclear Battery Q&A On Nuclear Batteries – A Conversation with Jacopo Buongiorno, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT Oklo Awarded a DOE Technology Commercialization $2M Cost Share … Continue ...read more
    • Fri, Jun 25 2021

    Nuclear Thermal Propulsion is Key Enabling Technology for DARPA Effort

    DARPA project for nuclear thermal propulsion adds a second track for system integration of two previously awarded contracts NAS ~ For Humans to Reach Mars Advances Are Needed in Space Nuclear Propulsion Technologies Especially in Fuels Fuel Tests / NRG … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 20 2021

    Fusion Emerges as a Key Factor in UK’s Energy Future

    General Fusion to Break Ground for a Pilot Plant in the UK in Three Years UKAEA Posts List of 15 Candidate Sites for Fusion Reactors IAEA’s Grossi Calls For International Cooperation On Pilot Plant Criteria TerraPower Targets 2023 for Natrium … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 13 2021

    Once More Time – Tar Sands Firms Pitched for SMRs

    Latest Efforts to Bring SMRs to Alberta’s Tar Sands Hits Investor Headwinds South Korea Seeks Global Role in Launch of Nuclear Powered Cargo Ships Russia Starts Building a Lead-cooled Fast Reactor China Approves Construction of Its First SMR China Remains … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Fri, Jun 4 2021

    New Lamps for Old: TerraPower Plans an Advanced Reactor to Replace a Wyoming Coal Plant

    On June 2, 2021, TerraPower, Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon and PacifiCorp announced efforts to build and operate a Natrium reactor demonstration project at a former coal plant in Wyoming. The companies are evaluating several potential locations in the state. A … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Fri, May 28 2021

    NuScale Scores $20M Investment from Japan’s IHI Corp

    NuScale Gets New Equity Investment of $20M from Japanese Firm UK Nuclear Firm Announces HTGR Collaboration With Japan Moltex SMR Clears First Phase of CNSC VDR Regulatory Review Fluor Announces $20 Million Investment in NuScale Power from Japanese Firm Fluor … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Fri, May 28 2021

    China’s CFR-600 Draws Concerns as a Breeder Reactor

    A 600 MW fast reactor, the CFR600, is expected to be complete by 2023. The CFR-600 is a sodium-cooled pool-type fast-neutron nuclear reactor under construction in Xiapu County, Fujian province, China, on Changbiao Island. Work began on building it in … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Fri, May 21 2021

    Global First Submits 15 MWt SMR for License from CNSC

    Global  First Small Modular Reactor Project Achieves Licensing Milestone UK SMR / Rolls-Royce Consortium Increases Plant’s Power,  Plans To Build Up To 10 By 2035 Idaho Lab Slated to be Site for Use of Nuclear Energy to Produce Hydrogen Doosan … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sat, May 15 2021

    NuScale Launches Effort to Deploy Floating SMRs

    NuScale Teams with Canadian Firm to Deploy its SMRs via Floating Platforms Danish Firm Plans Floating SMR for Asian Customers South Korea Firms to Manufacture Floating Nuclear Power Plants South Korea / KHNP To Invest $350 Million In SMR Design … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Mon, May 10 2021

    TVA to Collaborate with Kairos Power on 140 MWe SMR

    TVA to Collaborate with Kairos Power on Development of a 140 MWe Advanced SMR Russia Approvs’ $2.4 Billion Project To Use Five Floating Reactors For Remote Minerals Deposit UK ‘Remains Committed’ To Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Project NuScale Engages Guggenheim Securities … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Mon, May 10 2021

    Katy Huff to DOE as Acting @DOE_NE1 and permanent NE2

    Kathryn Huff, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Dr. Kathryn D. Huff was most recently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she led the Advanced … Continue reading ...read more
    • Sat, May 1 2021

    SMRs Get Wind in their Sails from 3 Seas Initiative

    U.S. State Dept. Commits $5.3M to Promote SMRs Nuclear Energy Developments in 3 Seas Countries – State by State US State Department Offers Support for SMRs and 3 Seas but Not in the Same Breath Rosatom’s Fennovoima Project Revises Construction … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sat, Apr 24 2021

    EDF Makes Its Best Offer to NPCIL for Six EPRs at Jaitapur

    France’s EDF Makes Best office to India for Six EPR Could Small-Scale Nuclear Power Be a Part of Alaska’s Future Energy Mix? Russia / Construction Start of Brest-OD-300 Pilot Plant NRC Wants to Know if Computers Can Think About Nuclear … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sat, Apr 24 2021

    Updated: A Role for Reference Designs and Standards to Speed up Time for Market for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

    This is a summary of my comments made during a webinar hosted by the Global American Business Institute (GABI) on 4/22/21. The YouTube video of the Zoom session is online. In November 2018 Energy Central posted a question about success … Continue reading → ...read more
    • Sun, Apr 18 2021

    TRISO Fuel Successfully Fabricated in Canada

    Canadian National Laboratory Successfully Fabricates Advanced Small Modular Reactor Fuel Canada / Power Companies’ Feasibility Study Says SMRs Can Be Economically Competitive USA Preparing To Lead Advanced Nuclear Fuel Supply, Says Korsnick China Gives Green Light To New Russian Nuclear … Continue ...read more
    • Fri, Apr 9 2021

    Facilitating the Next-Generation Nuclear Renaissance, Standardization, Design, and Cross-Sector Considerations

    Register herehttps://bit.ly/3wFeo5k  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Alan Ahn at alanahn@thegabi.com. Thank you always for your interest and support. Reference:Speeding Up Time to Market: A Role for Standards and Reference Designs for Advanced Nuclear Reactors in the U.S. ...read more
    • Fri, Apr 9 2021

    NuScale Power gets $40M Investment from Japanese EPC

    NuScale Power gets $40M Equity Investment from a Japanese Firm that Will Also Be Its EPC NuScale Power announced April 5 on that it has completed an investment and strategic partnership agreement with JGC Holdings Corporation (JGC HD), a holding … Continue reading → ...read more