• Thu, Mar 1 2018

    New Home for Our Blog: Join Us on NEI.org

    On February 27, NEI launched the new NEI.org . We overhauled the public site, framing all of our content around the National Nuclear Energy Strategy. So, what's changed? Our top priority was to put you, the user, first. Now you can quickly get the information you need. You'll enjoy visiting the site with its intuitive navigation, social media ...read more
    • Fri, Jan 26 2018

    Seeing the Light on Nuclear Energy

    If you think that there is plenty of electricity, that the air is clean enough and that nuclear power is a just one among many options for meeting human needs, then you are probably over-focused on the United States or Western Europe. Even then, you’d be wrong. That’s the idea at the heart of a new book, “Seeing the Light: The Case for Nuclear Power ...read more
    • Mon, Dec 18 2017

    A Design Team Pictures the Future of Nuclear Energy

    For more than 100 years, the shape and location of human settlements has been defined in large part by energy and water. Cities grew up near natural resources like hydropower, and near water for agricultural, industrial and household use. So what would the world look like with a new generation of small nuclear reactors that could provide abundant, clean ...read more
    • Wed, Nov 15 2017

    Energy Diversity Strengthens the United States. How Should We Pay for It?

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the body that sets the rules for the competitive energy markets around the country, will soon take up a proposal from the Department of Energy (DOE) to adjust the pricing system, to ensure the survival of electricity generators that keep at least 90 days of fuel on hand. The department believes the current trend ...read more
    • Thu, Nov 2 2017

    NEI Praises Connecticut Action in Support of Nuclear Energy

    Earlier this week, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed SB-1501 into law, legislation that puts nuclear energy on an equal footing with other non-emitting sources of energy in the state’s electricity marketplace. “Gov. Malloy and the state legislature deserve praise for their decision to support Dominion’s Millstone Power Station and the 1,500 Connecticut ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Energy Markets Are Blind to Critical Factors in the Electric Grid

    Using the short-term energy markets to make long-term decisions about the electric grid will irreversibly damage the system’s diversity and resiliency, the nuclear industry told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Monday, as the Commission prepared to take up a request by the Secretary of Energy to reform the rules for regional electricity pricing ...read more
    • Fri, Sep 22 2017

    Conflicting Government Rules Are Damaging the Power Grid

    One of the strengths of the electric system is its diversity, with energy flowing from generators that use a variety of fuels. But conflicting government policies and poorly constructed markets are reducing that diversity, and the result will be electricity that is more expensive, more prone to price spikes, and less reliable, according to a new study ...read more
    • Mon, Sep 4 2017

    Sneak Peek

    There's an invisible force powering and propelling our way of life. It's all around us. You can't feel it. Smell it. Or taste it. But it's there all the same. And if you look close enough, you can see all the amazing and wondrous things it does. It not only powers our cities and towns. And all the high-tech things we love. It gives us ...read more
    • Fri, Sep 1 2017

    Hurricane Harvey Couldn't Stop the South Texas Project

    The South Texas Project As Hurricane Harvey battered southeast Texas over the past week, the devastation and loss of life in its wake have kept our attention and been a cause of grief. Through the tragedy, many stories of heroics and sacrifice have emerged. Among those who have sacrificed are nearly 250 workers who have been hunkered down at the South ...read more
    • Wed, Aug 30 2017

    Why the Electricity Market Needs Reprogramming

    The Energy Department’s study of the power grid is 187 pages long but it can be summarized in five words: the energy markets are failing us. "Society places value on attributes of electricity provision beyond those compensated by the current design of the wholesale market," the study found. Economists like to say that markets "optimize" ...read more
    • Mon, Aug 21 2017

    How Does a Solar Eclipse Impact the Electric Grid?

    Millions of Americans traveled long distances in hopes of getting a front-row seat for the dance of the heavens today, watching the moon eclipse the sun, from Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. Hundreds more had spent months preparing for an odd complication of the event: the very sudden loss of up to 9,000 megawatts as solar panels were ...read more
    • Mon, Aug 14 2017

    Packing for Mars? Don’t forget the nuclear reactor.

    Did you see the movie The Martian ? The hero, Mark Watney, an astronaut given up for dead by NASA, uses a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG), a sort-of "space battery," to keep warm during his trek across Mars. The movie is science fiction but these devices are real- NASA has been using RTGs to power satellites for nearly forty years ...read more
    • Fri, Jul 14 2017

    Why Nuclear Plant Closures Are a Crisis for Small Town USA

    Nuclear plants occupy an unusual spot in the towns where they operate: integral but so much in the background that they may seem almost invisible. But when they close, it can be like the earth shifting underfoot. Lohud.com, the Gannett newspaper that covers the Lower Hudson Valley in New York, took a look around at the experience of towns where reactors ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 25 2017

    21 Experts Debunk a Radical Claim about Renewable Energy

    Energy experts are at war over a radical assertion that by mid-century the United States will be able to meet all its energy needs with wind, solar and hydro power. The claim was made in 2015 by four academic researchers , led by Mark Z. Jacobson, for the continental United States, and it asserts that those renewables will replace not just the coal ...read more
    • Wed, Jun 21 2017

    Missing the Point about Pennsylvania’s Nuclear Plants

    A group that includes oil and gas companies in Pennsylvania released a study on Monday that argues that twenty years ago, planners underestimated the value of nuclear plants in the electricity market. According to the group, that means the state should now let the plants close. Huh? The question confronting the state now isn’t what the companies that ...read more
    • Tue, Jun 6 2017

    TMI Cancer Study: Radiation, Health and Questionable Claims

    Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine recently published a study claiming that analysis of thyroid tumors showed tissue differences, based on where the patient lived. People who lived near Three Mile Island at the time of the 1979 accident had tumors more likely to have come from radiation exposure than people who developed thyroid cancer ...read more
    • Thu, May 25 2017

    Why America Needs the MOX Facility

    If Isaiah had been a nuclear engineer, he’d have loved this project. And the Trump Administration should too, despite the proposal to eliminate it in the FY 2018 budget. The project is a massive factory near Aiken, S.C., that will take plutonium from the government’s arsenal and turn it into fuel for civilian power reactors. The plutonium, made by the ...read more
    • Thu, May 18 2017

    Nuclear Is a Long-Term Investment for Ohio that Will Pay Big

    With 50 different state legislative calendars, more than half of them adjourn by June, and those still in session throughout the year usually take a recess in the summer. So springtime is prime time for state legislative activity. In the next few weeks, legislatures are hosting hearings and calling for votes on bills that have been battered back and ...read more
    • Mon, May 15 2017

    Why #NEA17 Is at the Intersection of Nuclear’s Present and Future

    Nuclear power is working for America. On May 22, hundreds of engineers, scientists, plant operators, entrepreneurs and students will gather in Scottsdale, at the annual Nuclear Energy Assembly , to talk about the multiple benefits that our technology provides, and the challenges and opportunities ahead. In preparation, NEI's Matt Wald sat down recently ...read more
    • Thu, Apr 27 2017

    What's the FERC Technical Conference About and Why Is It So Important?

    Here in a Washington that's preoccupied with political spectacle, it can be easy to miss important details about the business of government that really matter. One of those is coming up next week when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) holds a two-day technical conference about electricity markets in the Northeastern U.S. Since policymakers ...read more
    • Fri, Apr 21 2017

    An Ohio School Board Is Working to Save Nuclear Plants

    Ohio faces a decision soon about its two nuclear reactors, Davis-Besse and Perry, and on Wednesday, neighbors of one of those plants issued a cry for help. The reactors’ problem is that the price of electricity they sell on the high-voltage grid is depressed, mostly because of a surplus of natural gas. And the reactors do not get any revenue for the ...read more
    • Wed, Apr 12 2017

    Why Ex-Im Bank Board Nominations Will Turn the Page on a Dysfunctional Chapter in Washington

    In our present era of political discord, could Washington agree to support an agency that creates thousands of American jobs by enabling U.S. companies of all sizes to compete in foreign markets? What if that agency generated nearly billions of dollars more in revenue than the cost of its operations and returned that money – $7 billion over the past ...read more
    • Thu, Apr 6 2017

    A Billion Miles Under Nuclear Energy

    Matt Wald An exceptionally successful twenty-year nuclear-powered mission is about to enter its grand finale. The Cassini-Huygens mission will begin its final phase on April 26, when the Cassini probe now orbiting Saturn makes a course adjustment to swing through the 1,500-mile gap between the planet and its rings, an area not yet explored. Presuming ...read more
    • Wed, Apr 5 2017

    Holtec Applies for License for CIS Facility in New Mexico

    Matt Wald Storage of used nuclear fuel today is safe and secure, but scattered. However, a consolidated “interim storage” facility appears likely in the next few years, where the material would cool slowly inside sealed casks while the government prepares a burial spot. Holtec International , one of the builders of those casks, will discuss later today ...read more
    • Thu, Mar 30 2017

    Critical American Jobs: Vacancies President Trump and the Senate Need to Fill ASAP

    When a new president takes office, there is always a lot on the White House’s plate. But recently 93 members of the House of Representatives sent President Trump a letter asking him to move one particular issue higher on the list: picking new members for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, so that body can resume its crucial work of overseeing ...read more