It's About Time: the Progressive Push for Nuclear

I would like to call your attention to this blog post by Eric Schmitz where he details the logical reasons for liberals and progressives to favor and advocate for nuclear power:

Schmitz and other progressives are providing a much-needed voice for nuclear in the arena of liberal politics. How nuclear power became a darling of conservatives instead of a technological approach shared in equal measure between conservatives and liberals is something I fully do not understand. The true environmental benefits of nuclear over fossil fuels are clear and nuclear provides a form of energy that we can sustain in America without damage to our environment if proper stewardship is practiced and without depending on other nations for our core energy needs (for electrical power generation, at least). Regardless of your specific politics, anything that reduces environmental harm while providing for a more robust and independent American economy while also providing high-paying, secure, jobs should interest any and all political parties and veiwpoints. 

I am myself very progressive on social issues however I'm a fiscal conservative and have been a life-long member of the Republican Party. There are issues in my party where I strongly disagree, and there are certainly issues with the Democrats where I disagree. There are specific politicians in both parties whom I admire and others whom I cannot even imagine how they got elected in the first place. Yet when it comes to nuclear, this is not a political or moral issue. It's not an issue that should be informed by your religion or what party you belong to as much as it should be informed by clear thought and sound science. We need clean, secure energy we can sustain over time. Where can we best obtain that? I've always felt it's nuclear and I'm pleased to see people now across the political spectra support that, too. 

I will write more on this topic later: I'm recovering from a corneal injury so my sight doesn't allow for too much writing just yet, but I'm going to address this in further depth. For now, please do read Eric Schmitz's blog and others related to it for more insight on how nuclear is winning friends across the board. And it's winning them because of what it truly offers—not because of politics.

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