Russia cites progress in talks with the UK to build nuclear plants for UK customers

The headline necessary for a story like this one is always tough to write: you could say "Russia set to build nuclear plants in the UK" but that's not really correct. I guess that could grab the reader's attention fastest but it's not truthful in the details, and we all know the devil (and much else) is in the details. 

What is going on is this: England is waking up to the fact that it will need more nuclear plants and that nuclear is one of the best options for its long-range energy needs. Windscale is thankfully less of the boogeyman than it was for years and many in the UK—politicians included—are starting to be more and more pragmatic on their options for nuclear power. Rosatom, Russia's state nuclear power design and manufacturing concern, in due turn has embarked in recent years on a mission that can only be called ambitious to export its nuclear know-how and equipment to friendly nations that could benefit from Russian expertise. While Russia has expressed interest in helping nations such as Belarus and Vietnam with their young nuclear power industries, why would an established player like the UK court Rosatom now? Mainly because Russia is developing novel technologies in both reactors and control systems and because Rosatom is offering competitive pricing and prompt attention to possible projects. Plus, they're doing this the right way for the UK, forming strategic partnerships and making the political and business in-roads required to actually get the contracts they desire and moreover, have their foot in the door (or even a seat reserved at the table) for future projects. 

This article from Russia Behind the Headlines explains more of what's going on and does a good job of it:

The UK, as this article mentions, is the main player in Europe that is going ahead with multiple new nuclear power projects at multiple sites. While Belarus mulls over what it may or may not do with its one nuclear plant under construction and while Croatia considers nuclear as a future option for its growing power needs, the UK is poised to be in a situation to actually make things happen. You cannot blame Rosatom for wanting in on all that. You just have to wonder why US companies aren't making the same play to be part of this market and it seems they are not at the level that Rosatom is pushing for itself. 

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