Russia marches forward with nuclear

Moscow, pencil and marker drawing by Mike Walker.

I plan soon to write more on this issue but I cannot stress enough how Russia is currently growing in its capacity as not only a strong domestic nuclear power industry but as an export industry, also. This article from Russia Beyond the Headlines is a good place to start on this issue:

I will myself have an article on Russia's export of nuclear power, with an eye on Croatia especially, forthcoming in SEE Magazine, which is a leading business publication in Eastern Europe. I am not sure how much, if any, of that article will be available online but if it is, I will link it here.

For those in the nuclear industry—especially on the supply side of it—what's happening in Russia should be of great interest because for decades we were not seeing this type of intense activity in nuclear technology exports from Russia. And moreover, the Russian industry is centered around Rosatom, a state-owned corporation that evolved out of a Soviet-era state ministry and controls nearly all aspects of Russian nuclear business—everything from weapons design to power plant reactor manufacturing to control systems design to the production of Russia's novel fleet of nuclear-powered ice breakers. Rosatom is interesting in the sense that in many cases central planning did not work so well for the USSR, but in this case it seems it's working very well. 

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