14 Reactors Complete Vent Hardening, Phase I

It's well short of Memorial Day, but nearly half of the U.S. boiling water reactors (BWR) susceptible to the problems exposed at Fukushima have completed Phase I of their final post-Fukushima modification. 

After a tsunami damaged the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011, operators were unable to vent the BWR's containment building, inhibiting efforts to cool the reactor core.   

This year and next, operators of 29 GE BWRs with Mark I or Mark II containment buildings are completing Phase I of a retrofit designed to allow operation of the vents under a range of damaged conditions. 

Fourteen reactors have completed Phase I vent hardening, according to NRC spokesman Scott Burnell. Five more are scheduled to complete the retrofit this year, and ten have set 2018 completions. 

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