BWR best practices briefing

There are more nuclear engineers than usual in Wilmington, North Carolina this week. Some 30 from around the world are attending Global Nuclear Fuel's sixth annual Nuclear Energy Fuel Symposium 

Attendees include fuel design, fuel reliability and boiling water reactor engineers employed by nuclear power plant operators in the U.S., Europe and Japan who are in town for two days – Tuesday, Wednesday – of presentations at the Coastline Conference and Event Center.     

“Bringing these fuel engineers and experts together to share operating experience, best practices and lessons learned is a great way to support our customers in delivering clean, safe and reliable nuclear power to millions of homes and business,” said Amir Vexler, Global Nuclear's chief executive.  

 The symposium includes more than 20 technical presentations on topics that cover recent and upcoming regulatory changes and issues that impact the design and reliability of boiling water reactor fuel and plant operations.  

Global Nuclear is the successor to the GE Nuclear fuel assembly operation that began construction on a former plantation north of Wilmington 50 years ago. That fuels plant, which shipped its first production in 1969, became Global Nuclear Fuels in 2000 when Hitachi, Ltd. and Toshiba Corp. purchased a 40 percent stake. 

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