What is Radiation Dose?

Thoughtfully organized, illustrated, and animated presentation, given by a classroom experienced, engaging SAT enabled trainer/instructor, could help students, especially the adult ones, understand the RP concepts and their applications in practice.

This PPT module covering ABSORBED DOSE, a part of our COMMON RADIATION PROTECTION EQUATIONS series, illustrates our abilities to create impressive and useful learning material that will keep the students aware, awake, and engaged in the process of acquiring new and/or reviewing and cementing their existing knowledge of the radiation protection science.

Our team is, also, capable of incorporating similar PPT presentations into your existing, approved lesson plans and in an engaging way. We are, also, well qualified and capable of augmenting your training team at outages and other times of need.
Please review our RP DOSE module and let us know if and, maybe, when we may be considered to help in your important efforts in RP training and qualifications of your workforce.

We are standing by!

Our references include RP Directors, Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Training Directors and Managers, and Lead Instructors. If and when you need our references, we will be glad to provide you with their e-mails and/or phone numbers.

Respectfully Dusan A. Radosavljevic

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