Nuclear Power Plant Maps added to new Plants Section!

A great feature has been added to Nuclear Street today. Have you ever wanted to know how to get to a plant you have not been to? Or maybe you are going to that new plant and want to find the local hotels, restaurants, banks, laundry, etc.? Nuclear Street now has maps to every nuclear plant in the United States! Just go to the new Plants Section and click the blue plant links in the Outage Schedule left bar. You can find directions to the site or even the closest Starbucks by using the search bar.

Also, make sure you click the "Satellite" button at the top to see an actual overhead shot of the plant! Note: You might have to center the map on the plant by clicking and dragging the map to see some sites. Usually, just look for the white area (all of the site's concrete!) in the lower left corner map and drag the outlined box to that area. Reason the map is not centered on site is for direction purposes and the ability to provide directions on "mapped" roads (not site private roads).

 Enjoy. More how to's coming soon.

Feel free to post any questions. 

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