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  • Anonymous

    Name    Elemer Fodor Phd,CSc    18.11.1967. Eötvös Lorant University of Sciencies Cosmic Material Reseach Group/NASA  Jhonson Spaceflight Center . I am ex intelligent agent from east Europe ,and now I never will return the east side of Europe.After SOYUZ ISS SHUTTLE programm I going to search Contract Opportunity and search new house in USA FLORIDA ROTONDA.Thorium 230 (not only Thorium 232,like CERN method in USA) procedure is my scientific patent,Th 230 gun opportunity is absolute serious,I hope somebody in Nuclear Street will andestend it.Now know me US military aerospace development laboratories,My profession not the very old thermonuclear power,only chemical process was it.I finished first degree in 1993 and after statistical quantum physics programm and prerarative medicine chemistry at the University .Some eastern european military intelligens authority was my workplace and the aerospace research group/ESA .I was in four war like Radio Reporter and at home practicly my hobby  was Music Radio Moderator in mother language.Now I haven't any contact to the  Atlanta HQ of Cable News Network,and the US goverment organisation in Virginia.If you read and andestend me dear,please say fast  the US security agencies .This profile not the your problem.I am so sorry and thank you very much too.    

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