PIE 850 Multifunction calibrator with 10-50 milliamp loop support

Get more tools in a smaller calibrator
Carry eight single function calibrators
plus a 4-20/10-50 milliamp calibrator with loop supply
plus a loop troubleshooter in the palm of your hand!

Milliamp • Voltage • Frequency • pH
Ohms • Thermocouples • RTDs • Pressure
Loop Diagnostics • Transmitter Supply

A 10-50 mA Multifunction Calibrator with troubleshooting tools

1-Detect ‘hidden’ loop problems:  Quickly diagnose troublesome ground faults & current leakage
with patented Loop Diagnostic technology. These problems are undetectable with other instruments!

2-Check all loop parameters at once with the LoopScope™ Simultaneously displays current, voltage and resistance to let
you know the condition of a live loop. Finds problems with power supplies and loops with too many loads.

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